TECGEN™ garments are an innovative, lightweight and breathable alternative to legacy flame resistant protective garments. Patented TECGEN™ fiber is the basis of these garments. After years of development in the TECGEN™ lab, the bi-component fiber emerged as a breakthrough specifically for protective garments. The proprietary fiber features a carbonized outer protective shell for FR performance and a flexible inner core for durability and pliability. The exclusive fiber is the workhorse that blends with other fibers to deliver a variety of outstanding comfort characteristics. These high performing garments are available for two different markets: industrial daily workwear and as an alternative to bunker gear for firefighters. For the industrial segment, TECGEN™ FR garments are flame resistant, lightweight and moisture-wicking, and meet NFPA 70E and 2112-2012 standards. For oil and gas and utility workers who face hot conditions, TECGEN™ garments are a welcome alternative. TECGEN™ PPE offers firefighters a cool, lightweight, single-layer alternative to wearing heavy bunker gear on every call. Dual-certified (NFPA 1951 Technical Rescue and NFPA 1977 Wildland) TECGEN™ PPE is ideal for the 80 percent of calls that firefighters respond to. TECGEN™ garments are sold through major distributors throughout the U.S. Visit www.TECGEN.com to learn more, find a distributor, or request a wear trial.