When it’s time for a good night’s rest, people around the world can trust DACRON® brand fiberfill in pillows and bedding products to bring them a good night’s sleep. Developed more than 50 years ago by researchers with a legacy of lifestyle fiber discoveries, DACRON® fiberfill technology continues to be at the forefront of comfort, innovation and consumer appeal. We believe that’s the reason two-thirds of United States consumers recognize the DACRON® brand in consumer home textiles awareness studies—and why they “Trust What’s Inside.” For the North and South American consumer, INVISTA's DACRON® brand is at the heart of a quality seal that will help busy consumers make informed choices for their homes, families and guests. INVISTA designed the DACRON® fiber quality seal to help consumers identify bedding products filled with its branded fiberfill. Consumers should look for the DACRON® fiber quality seal on bedding products filled with luxuriously comfortable COMFOREL® fiberfill, durable and functional Performa® fiberfill, and long-lasting DuraLife™ fiberfill. Consumers can rely on the DACRON® brand taglines, “Trust What’s Inside” and “It Just Feels Good”. They can also be assured that pillows bearing the DACRON® fiber quality seal are filled with quality fiberfill, leaving consumers feeling comfortable night after night. For consumers in Asia-Pacific, click here and select your region to find local product information.