17 December 2015

Xolofiber won the contest “Best Fabric Award 2015”

One of the most efficient, reliable and hardwearing clothing heat insulators Holofiber®-PROFI has won the International contest and was honored with “Best Fabric Award2015”. 

The import-substituting development was first presented in late 2013, and at once was called the most hardwearing and warm non-woven polyester material for clothing”.

Testing and pilot launching of serial uniform and workwear collections (e.g., at the leading domestic manufacturer “Vostok-Service”) prior to market launching of this type of products confirmed suggestions of designers and industry experts: at present it is one of the most efficient and hardwearing serial development in the collection of non-woven fabrics of Termopol plant. Holofiber®-PROFI is a heat insulator for clothing with unique aggregate thermal resistance indicators significantly exceeding characteristics of almost all materials available in the market.

The “Best Fabric Award 2015”is not the only award of the industry communitythe Termopol plant developments have been honored this September. So, the import-substituting innovation, the improved heat insulator for clothes with improved comfort criteria and cold-protection performance, Holofiber®-SOFT PRIM K, has become a winner of the All-Russia contest of textile and consumer goods industry “Made in Russia”.

At the “Best Fabric Award 2015” presentation procedure, it was mentioned that as early as 2007 (!) it was Holofiber that established a unique precedent, and afterwards an unusual tradition in international textile practice. The thing is that the NON-WOVEN material was recognized the best… FABRIC! The international “Best Fabric Award 2007” was given to Holofiber®-SOFT 250, which is currently the most popular heat insulator for all types of winterized clothing, including children’s and baby clothes. And in 2007, such a bold move resulted in a completely new look at Russian non-woven products, evaluate its increasingly larger role in a contemporary world and demonstrate the trends of industrial transition to high-tech and hardwearing synthetics to replace expensive natural materials and low-quality import.

Holofiber®-PROFI materials and other developments by Termopol could be seen at the XIX International exhibition of means of state security provision «INTERPOLITEX - 2015» arranged by the Ministry of Interior of Russia,the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the Federal Service for Military and Technical Co-Operation. It took place at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in the period from October 20 to 23.


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