25 November 2014

Women & Sports in Germany

Sport participation by women has been growing regularly over the last years and will keep doing so in the years to come. The sporting goods market for active women is building up accordingly, so many brands and retail chains are looking at this particular segment as a new and important source of additional revenues for their companies.
Are you or your company doing enough to address this specific segment? And how well do you and your collaborators really know this market?

Women have a different attitude toward sports and sports products than men. The usual tactics for product design & development, marketing, sales, etc. won't necessarily work. This is one of the reasons why we decided to research this specific market segment, in partnership with the largest German sports retailer, Intersport, and two authors who are experts in the field, Ulrike Luckmann and Karen Laubach. We are starting with Germany because it's the largest market in Europe, but most of the conclusions can be applied to any other market around the world.

After more than a year of research, we are now proud to announce the release of “Women & Sports in Germany,” a 460+ page report that covers the following topics:

  • Market size figures for women-specific sporting goods in Europe & Germany
  • Female participation in ten types of sports and in-depth analysis of the sectors
  • Exclusive online survey of 3,200 active German women
  • Unique target group typology: six profiles of active women
  • Women's purchasing behavior
  • Gender-Marketing: consumption trends and effective marketing strategies
  • Case studies of successful women's marketing campaigns and initiatives by sports brands
  • Where women buy sports products and what triggers the purchase
  • Case studies of successful women's retail concepts (brick-and-mortar, Female Commerce)
  • Profiles of more than 60 companies and retailers
  • Demographics and in-depth analysis of women's life situations in Germany

To receive the executive summary outlining some of the main conclusions of the report, its table of contents and the detailed questionnaire, simply ask for it by replying to this e-mail.

The report is now available at the following conditions:

Women & Sports in Germany (more than 460 pages) Price in € -20% for contributors -40% for subscribers
Study as print copy 1,580 1,264 948
Study as digital copy 1,920 1,536 1,152

Supplement for 
consumer raw data

990 - -
Personalized workshop 2,000 - -


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