10 November 2014

Winter Workshop preorder Outdoor Business show

From 19th to 21st of January 2015 at Exhibition and Convention Center Sokolniki will be held IV Outdoor Business show. This is the first event for professionals of outdoor industry in Russia. Organizer of the event is non-profit association of goods and services suppliers for tourism and recreation - www.r-o-g.ru/en/.

This time the exhibition will take place on the stage of Sokolniki that already have become a traditional place but at another pavilion – it’s right opposite the central valley of the park.

Visitors can learn about the latest collections of the most respected brands on outdoor-market and compare similar products from different manufacturers, which enable to make maximally balanced and considered pre-orders for the coming season. Exhibitors will provide trainings on new products that they represent, organize lectures from manufacturers and just interesting meetings with famous athletes and travelers.


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