22 April 2016

The Latest fromPrimaLoft: Innovative Material Science

PrimaLoft: Innovative Material Science

Many companies use the word innovation to mean product extensions or improvements.  At PrimaLoft, we look at innovation as it relates to disruptive technologies and processes.  When it comes to material science and engineering, there are few limitations to what can be accomplished.

PrimaLoft does not focus on innovation from a product by product standpoint, we look at technology platforms and applying that technology to all of our market segments.  One technology PrimaLoft is especially excited about is Aerogel and its applications in footwear.

For elevated comfort in the face of extreme conditions, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel protects against deadening cold and stifling heat. Composed of more than 95% air, aerogels are the lightest solid materials known to man, as well as one of the most effective insulators. 
Millions of air pockets form a barrier locking out cold and heat that can disrupt comfort.  When used in the construction of footwear and handwear, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel performs under pressure. While lofted insulations can lose their thermal performance under sustained compression, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel shines when faced with the pressure caused by active hands and feet, retaining 98% of its original thermal performance. 
Manufactured in the form of flexible, lightweight encapsulated footbeds, insoles, toe caps and glove inserts, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel represents an innovative breakthrough from the comfort solution experts at PrimaLoft, Inc. When used in combination with PrimaLoft® insulation products, an optimum balance of weather protection and heat retention provides comfort ideal for the mountain, the jobsite or pounding the pavement.

Designed for longevity, PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Aerogel is flexible, waterproof and lightweight – the latest innovative comfort solution from PrimaLoft, Inc.
This weekend, PrimaLoft is excited to be partnering with Minneapolis, MN specialty retailer Midwest Mountaineering on social media during their Spring Outdoor Adventure Expo, being held April 22 - 24.


Throughout the expo, PrimaLoft will be guest posting on Midwest Mountaineering's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, sharing expert tips, the latest products and technologies, and highlights from presentations!

We will also be holding a jacket giveaway each day of the show that encourages expo attendees to share their experience on social.

Be sure to follow along all weekend!
For more video, check out the PrimaLoft® YouTube channel

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