12 July 2015

Russian Outdoor Village: stands B5107 and B5109

Dear friends and partners of Russian Outdoor Group (ROG), Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Mountain Salon, Ski Build Expo, and Salon Expo Newsletter!


We are happy to inform you that in the year of 2015 the collaboration between ROG and Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Mountain Salon - Ski Build Expo - is going over to a new higher level. The leaders of ROG invited our expo and info projects to become their partners within the framework of Russian Outdoor Village.


15-18 July, the international Outdoor Show in Germany will feature the Russian Outdoor Village (stands B5107 and B5109). This project unites companies that produce outdoor clothes, equipment, materials, and hardware on the territory of the Russian Federation. The exhibition will showcase sample products from the following Russian companies and brands: Arctic Explorer, Normal, Red Fox, BASK, Vento, Ves Mir, Volny Veter, Karo, OOO Kanat, RokPillars, Sivera, Splav, Faraday.


We invite all to the stands B5107 and B5109 - both Russian and European partners - to discuss the ways of further development and collaboration with us. Welcome to the "Russian" stand at Outdoor 2015 (Germany)!


Pre-appointed meetings are welcome! If you would like to schedule a meeting, please write to Anastasia Parafilo salonexpo@mail.ru


And, of course, we will be glad to see you just to say hi and talk about the vital industry subjects!

Please find the exact directions how to find our stands below:



The world's largest show for Outdoor business

Founded: 1994 


Country: Germany

Periodicity: annual

Nearest dates: 15-18 July, 2015



To appoint business meetings:  Anastasia Parafilo  /   salonexpo@mail.ru   /   

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