17 January 2020

Russian Light Industry Businesses to Present Their Products at ISPO 2020


   The Russian Outdoor Village collective exposition arranged with the support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation shall present projects from more than 30 Russian companies at the ISPO Munich 2020 international trade fair of sports products and technologies to be held in Munich on 26-29 January.
ISPO Munich is among the largest events in the global industry – the venue, each year presenting the global trends and latest products from the major manufacturers in snowsports, health, fitness and outdoor.
   “This year, the stand of Russian businesses presents garment, footwear, accessories, equipment and other goods from 31 companies. Some of them have enthralled the event for a number of times now, and even have an honorary ISPO Award, while others debut at the fair but have tremendous capabilities to go further,” comments Viktor Evtukhov, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
   At Russian Outdoor Village the visitors will be able to get familiar with the outdoor and sports garment from such brands as ALFA GEAR, BASK, COOL ZONE, Dragonfly, FORWARD, HISPO, KAROSPORT, N1Sport, O3 OZONE, RAY, RedFox outdoor equipment, SHISHKIN, STAYER, SYMBION, V-MOTION, VERSTA, Accessory Fur - fur items and commodities, accessories from trademarks like BOOT (MaksPhil), Marhatter, Nellex, Sätila, and see the new footwear models from FARADEI and Sakhabult. Moreover, the stand shall showcase the insulations, garment accessories and materials from 3R, SHELTER, SLATEX, SportTex, UMATEX, as well as ice climbing equipment from ICE ROCK, other products and services.

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   The experts rightly recognise the ISPO Munich trade fair of sports products and technologies as the largest event in the field. Manufacturers of garment, footwear, outfits, retailers, coaches and sports industry people share experience and demonstrate cutting-edge developments at the fair grounds, whereas the number of ISPO Munich visitors annually counts in tens of thousands. As reported by the organizers, at ISPO Munich 2020 more than 2,800 exhibitors will be presenting their latest sports products from segments such as Snowsports, Outdoor, Health & Fitness, Urban and Teamsports.
   ISPO Award is given at the ISPO trade fair to the brands and products, which are the best at capturing the sporting industry development direction, and feature something new and interesting for the consumer. The companies vying for the award are judged by 43 independent experts from 12 countries and 3 continents, in line with the clear-cut criteria and categories. In 2019, the goods were evaluated in the following categories: Snowsports, Outdoor and Urban, Health & Fitness, and Team & Social Sports. It is the peer review that enables to most impartially judge hundreds of applications and to make ISPO Award winners a benchmark for the sporting business professionals.


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