07 October 2017

EOCA Friends Newsletter Autumn 2017

European Outdoor Conservation Association

Autumn 2017 EOCA Newsletter

Autumn 2017 EOCA's Friends Newsletter

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Mangrove replanting in Indonesia by Yadesa Aceh, funded by KEEN Europe.


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Welcome to our third newsletter of 2017!  Can you believe we are in October already?  The summer has absolutely flown by - you will see why below....!

We have a lot of exciting news to update you on and our next public votehas just started, so please do read on and get involved!

As ever, if you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them, so please do contact us just by replying to this email.

Thank you for all your support

Tanya and Catherine

Summer Funding Applications

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This July, EOCA was once again open for funding applications.  We received a record 131 applications – a clear demonstration that the work that the outdoor industry is funding is becoming more widely recognised.  Applying the strict EOCA criteria, a shortlist of projects which protect a threatened habitat or species AND have a link to the outdoor enthusiast has been drawn up by EOCA General Managers and thoroughly reviewed by the Association's panel of Scientific Advisors.  This shortlist will now enter the public vote:

Autumn Public Vote – NOW LIVE!!

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Following on from the article above ..... We are delighted to announce that the next EOCA public vote will run from now until the 18th October! 

You are all invited to go to the EOCA website HERE to help choose which conservation projects EOCA funds this autumn.  You will see that this time around, we have different categories – WATER, MOUNTAIN and FOREST. Please vote once in each category – the project with the most votes in each category will receive the funding they have asked for – up to €30,000. 

Please also share the voting page, and encourage your colleagues, family, friends and followers to join in the vote.  We repeatedly get feedback that the vote is hugely beneficial to all projects involved, in raising awareness and support for their work and conservation issues.

Autumn Members-Only Vote

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Since we are able to fund 5 projects this autumn, EOCA will for the first time be holding an autumn members-only vote as well as a public vote.  This will allow EOCA members to select further projects for EOCA to fund.  Find out what the public chose and what the members chose by following us on Facebook (@eocaconservation), on Twitter (@conserveoutdoor) or in the next newsletter!   

EOCA Open for Funding Applications In November

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Very soon it will again be time to welcome the next round of conservation funding applications.  The application form will be live on the EOCA website from 1-30 November.  If your conservation organisation or one you know has a hands-on conservation project looking for funding of up to €30,000 to protect, enhance or restore a threatened habitat AND which has a clear link to the outdoor enthusiast, please apply!  You can read the criteria for projects EOCA uses HERE.  If you have any questions about your project's suitability, please get in touch beforehand via info@outdoorconservation.eu

OutDoor Tradeshow, Germany.

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There was a real energy at the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen this summer, with EOCA members working together to raise further funds for conservation during the 4 days.  A tremendous €35,500 was raised during the four days of the show – many thanks to our members who donated gear and everyone who bought gear! Read more HERE

Marie-Noëlle Keijzer, CEO of WeForest, was well received at the EOCA Annual Assembly and also the EOG Industry Breakfast.  EOCA is currently funding a tree planting project through WeForest and Marie-Noëlle spoke to the attendees about the importance of trees to the industry.

Despite the rain, EOCA celebrated its 2017 Conservation Champions and Summit Members from the main stage of the OutDoor Party.  EOCA was delighted to name Arc'teryx, Ortlieb and Snugpak as this year’s Conservation Champions, all going the extra mile to support conservation through EOCA as you can read HERE.  

The Association also celebrated its four 2017 Summit Members, all of whom are funding an entire conservation project through EOCA.  This is a record number of Summit members for EOCA and excitingly means more projects being supported by the Association in one year than ever before.  Osprey Europe is funding a project to clean up metal waste from the Alps (MORE),  KEEN Europe is funding a mangrove reforestation project in Indonesia (MORE), Original Buff, S.A. is funding a tree planting project in Scotland (MORE) and POMOCA is funding a fresh water seal conservation project in Finland (MORE).  

Warm Welcome to New EOCA Members

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EOCA has been delighted to welcome 5 new companies into membership this summer: 

Ultralight Outdoor Gear Ltd
333 Media
Bergstop GmbH
Wildo Sweden AB
The Moose Drink

We very much look forward to working with them in the future, together putting back into the Great Outdoors.

Two Million Tree Fundraiser- Ongoing Progress

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We have been delighted with the response to the EOCA 2 Million Tree Campaign.  We have received a good number of donations from our website - for every €10 donated, we are able to plant 25 trees in Nepal – thank you!  In addition, a number of members raised money specifically for this campaign at the OutDoor Show in June.  Klean Kanteen sold insulated tumblers for €10, so that each one could result in the planting of 25 trees.  Enough were purchased to fund the planting of 6375 trees!  Stanley – a PMI brand produced a limited edition Mountain Vacuum Switchback which it sold at ISPO and OutDoor.  Enough were sold to fund the planting of 11,250 trees!

In addition, individual members have added to the total.  For example, 12 employees of LOWA planted 650 trees near Bayerischzell in Bavaria on 12 and 13th September, as part of their annual company tree planting event.  A great weekend’s work – and bonding experience too.

To date, EOCA has committed to planting …..drum roll please…..1,242,607of its 2 million trees!

If you would like to contribute to this total, please find out how you can HERE

Cat Barker – Addition To The EOCA Team

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With record numbers of project applications, and with more money being spent on conservation, the EOCA office has become busier than ever.  In light of this, we are delighted to announce that Cat Barker has joined the team in the office.  Cat comes to EOCA with a Degree and a Masters Degree in Ecology plus 12 years experience of working in conservation and wildlife management in the UK, Costa Rica and Belize.  We are delighted to welcome Cat to the team.

Osprey Europe Funds Cleaning Up The Alps

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Osprey Europe decided this year to fund another conservation project through EOCA following the success of the previous project they funded to reduce the illegal shooting of birds of prey in Batumi, Georgia.

The company provided £25,000 of funding to Mountain Wilderness who had applied to EOCA for funding, to run three events in the Alps in the summer of 2017.  During these highly successful events, 152 volunteers visited three sites around the Vésubie and Tinée areas of Mercantour National Park and the Cerces massif in the Ecrins National Park, France.  These wild mountain landscapes were littered with military installations from former World War Two fortification lines.  These were made up of barbed wire, metal sheets and other scrap metal, some of which were half buried, with the exposed fragments posing a real danger to wildlife and people in the area.  During the three events, 28 tonnes of obsolete military equipment were removed!

How To Get Involved:

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Please get involved in the vote!!  Click HERE to have your say and help us choose which projects EOCA funds!  And then, please spread the news about the vote being live to all your contacts and ask them to vote too!

Thank you for your continued support!

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