06 July 2015

July 2015 Friends of EOCA Newsletter

A busy summer follows an exciting spring......

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Cleaning Up Brahmaputra to conserve river dolphins - a 2014 funded EOCA project

Dear EOCA Friends


31.5 million people reached during our spring pubic vote!!  That was far beyond what we had dared to hope for.  So after a busy spring, how do we move into summer?  Read all about the project voting and EOCA’s plans for the rest of 2015 in this edition of the Association’s newsletter!

Spring Funding Round

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As many of you will know, EOCA held its spring public vote in March, asking the public to choose which projects EOCA should fund from its shortslist.  We were delighted that National Geographic Germany, Hike & Trekking, Bike & Trekking, Alpin, The Great Outdoors, and NORR magazine all again decided to partner with us in the public vote and to showcase some of our shortlisted projects in their magazines.  Members promoted projects on their websites and online media.  The projects involved managed to get interviews on local radios and TV, gain support from celebrities and create lots of noise on social media.  In total, we have calculated that the process reached a staggering 31.5 million people.

This awareness is not only good for EOCA and its members, it genuinely helps projects raise awareness and support for their work and the conservation issue they are addressing.  All projects have an educational element and engage local communities so promoting the vote is a good first step in this process, and benefits not only the projects which win the funding, but all of the projects that make the shortlist.

In total 36,000 votes were cast.  And now over 9000 people have opted to receive this ‘EOCA Friends’ quarterly newsletter.  Many thanks to everyone who got involved!

The three projects chosen by the public to receive up to €30,000 of funding from EOCA are:
-Citizen Action for Tigers, Malaysia.
-Community Action for Protecting the Endangered Sangai Deer, India
-Conserving Red Pandas through Community Stewardship, Nepal

Following the public vote, members of EOCA also held a private vote and three further projects were chosen to receive funding:
-Sustainable Agriculture and Bird Conservation, Spain
- Reducing Threats to Cross River Gorillas, Nigeria
-Wildfjords Restoration, Iceland

You can read more details on all of these projects www.outdoorconservation.eu

EOCA Annual Report 2014

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If you missed any of our news during 2014, the EOCA Annual Report for 2014 is now available for you to see -  www.outdoorconservation.eu

OutDoor 2015

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Catherine and Tanya will be heading to Friedrichshafen in Germany on 15 July for the annual tradeshow of the European outdoor industry.  It is an important date in our diary where we meet with existing members, encourage other companies to join the Association and fundraise.  During 2014 OutDoor, we raised over €31,000 in four days thanks to the generous donations of gear by our members.  That was enough to fund a whole new project this year! If you are going to the show, please do feel free to call at the EOCA booth in the East Entrance at any time.   Or get in touch if you would like to arrange a meeting.  Events to mark in your diary during the show include:

Annual Fundraiser/ Fundraisers on Members Stands/Conservation Champion Announcements/Project Presentations – We have lots going on.  Please find  Full Details - www.outdoorconservation.eu


Autumn Funding Round

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For the second consecutive year, EOCA is holding two funding round this year.  Applications can be submitted by conservation organisations during July (www.outdoorconservation.eu) for funding of up to €30,000.  Projects will be shortlisted by EOCA General Managers over the summer and checked by EOCA Scientific Advisors in September.  A public vote will be held during the two weeks of 5-19th October to decide which of the shortlisted projects will receive funding.  This will be hosted on the EOCA website and also by Mountain Blog.  More details to follow in the September newsletter....

Image from Wildfjords Iceland, a 2015 EOCA funded project

Welcome to New Members

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EOCA has been delighted to welcome three new members to the Association since the last newsletter.  Kendal Mountain Festival joined at the end of March and both PYUA and HydroFlask joined during June.  We look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.

Sustaining Members

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Since Jan 2015, EOCA has had seven Sustaining Members who have all committed to paying at least another €10,000 per year for three years on top of their membership fee.  This money is used to finance the running of the Association and also its sustainable growth.  We are extremely grateful to all seven Sustaining Members for taking this leading role in financing EOCA for the benefit of the whole outdoor industry in Europe and also conservation worldwide:  Pertex, KEEN, Patagonia, Nikwax, OutDoor, ISPO and the EOG.  

We asked Steve Laycock from Pertex about their Sustaining Membership:
Q: Why did Pertex decide to become a Sustaining Member of EOCA?
Pertex has always been proud to be a member of EOCA which provides a simple yet professional way of outdoor companies giving back to the great outdoors. Pertex is proud to be a Sustaining Member of EOCA, enabling the industry to fund more conservation projects protecting the habitats and landscapes where we and our customers explore and enjoy ourselves.  We want to see EOCA grow to support even more and bigger projects in the future.

Q: What have been the benefits of being a Sustaining Member so far?
We were excited to see that the Association was able to move to holding two funding rounds each year and so fund more projects as a result of securing its initial seven Sustaining Members.  From a marketing point of view, the Association managed to reach half a million people with their press release launching the Sustaining Members at OutDoor 14 and since then, we have been received extra exposure on the EOCA websites and on all of their press releases.

Extra PR is always great but the reason we became a Sustaining Member was because we wanted to be involved in helping EOCA to grow and ensure continued and greater successes.  The two funding rounds proves this is already happening and Pertex is excited to see where it leads next.

Get Involved!

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Did you know that EOCA’s website is available both fully in English and also in German?  The English version can be found at www.outdoorconservation.eu and the German version at www.eoca.de.

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