01 December 2017

Join us for the ISPO Career Days 2018

85.000 sports passionates at one place & a recruitment program to select the top candidates for your company: We look forward to welcome you to our ISPO Career Days 2018.

ISPO Career Day

An effective live-recruiting service and a high density of network opportunities between companies and qualified job seekers: That’s the ISPO Career Days 2018.

During the ISPO Munich, the event will be your opportunity to present your company as an attractive employer and recruit possible candidates for your team directly from the trade’s grounds.

From the 28th - 31st of January 2018, the event will target your audience actively & passively throughout our special services:

The Job Corridor

We display your job offers on an unmissable 20 meter long job wall for job enthusiasts and passerbys to see. Using the corridor linking the A-Halls of the fair halls, your job offers are presented to 85.000 visitors, all sports industry professionals and career enterers from universities and colleges.
The job ads will also be published online at the ISPO Job Market and Sportyjob to increase the audience even more.


The Career Day: Speed Dating Job Interviews

An unique format to get to know as many qualified candidates as possible in a short time: During the Career Day on the 29th of January, we held our Speed Dating Job Interviews. About 2000 pre-registered and pre-selected candidates will come together to be interviewed by you. We provide you private recruiting cabins to enable a trustful environment essential for an interview. The cabins are individualized with your company’s logo and profile.

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