05 May 2015

International Mountain Summit 2015.


“Meet your experiences“ - that’s the motto of the Kiku. International Mountain Summit

Meetings occur during presentations, excursions and workshops, packed in the IMS adventure backpack. A hike to a mountain hut will turn into a nature-oriented congress-experience, indoor climbing into a community experience with like-minded people, a summit discussion into an enrichment experience, an evening of “Törggelen” (traditional eating of roasted chestnuts in autumn) into a networking experience.

Meet the MOUNTAIN while hiking, doing indoor&outdoor climbing, touring with mountain bikes and discovering mines.

Meetings with mountain PEOPLE will change your point of view and encourage you to reflect on things you had never thought about. Mountain people are aware of the power of the mountain. Their experience living in an alpine habitat keeps them rooted, while at the same time allowing them to change and adapt. Their dealings with animals and nature make them unusual and impressive conversational partners.

Meeting your mountain SOUL, your own personal internal mountain, will show you how strong your will is to achieve your goals, to overcome mountains and to motivate yourself. These encounters with oneself at the IMS will turn into a type of “revealation experience” for the participants, an adventure for the mind, heart and body.


festivals , outdoor project , travel , workshops

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