11 December 2015

IDFL is the global leader in textile products.

Mission of IDFL

IDFL is the premier global quality institute and testing laboratory for filled textile products.

  • Our services are cost effective.
  • Our client support is the best in the industry.
  • Our reputation is accuracy and integrity.


Who Are We? IDFL is the global leader in quality assurance programs for filled textile products.

Who Certifies Us? We are certified by IDFB and EDFA. We are members of AATCC, ADFC, ASTM, FDIA, DAC, IABFLO and TEFA.

What Do We Do? We test, certify, inspect, consult, audit and manage quality assurance programs for companies around the globe.

Why Choose IDFL?

  • Expertise – Technical excellence since 1978.
  • Integrity – Reputation for honesty and accuracy.
  • Experience – IDFL staff members have up to 30 years experience. We test over 12,000 samples per year and audit and inspect for the world’s largest retailers.
  • Double Testing – IDFL completes a minimum of two tests on every sample.
  • Efficiency – IDFL expedites inspections, audits and testing to meet client RUSH deadlines.
  • Client Services – 24-hour knowledgeable, friendly client service staff in offices around the world.
  • Research – Large database available for research.

Increased Consumer Confidence

Product inspection and testing by IDFL gives buyers, retailers and consumers confidence that your products meet established standards and regulations. IDFL quality assurance increases confidence in your brand name.

Unequaled Testing Experience

“IDFL’s reputation depends on accuracy, integrity, and honesty.”

IDFL has tested hundreds of thousands of filled textile products. As a trusted advisor to IDFB, other trade associations, and government regulators, IDFL completes ongoing research to further the industry. IDFL is the global authority on down and feather testing, related non-down fillings, textile, and inspection services. IDFL’s reputation depends on accuracy, integrity, and honesty.

Manufacturer Integrity

When a manufacturer knows their products will be tested by IDFL, the manufacturer will make sure that products meet the specifications and labeling requirements.

Global Leader for a Global Industry

From manufacturers in China, to home textile and apparel fashion leaders in Europe, to consumers throughout the world, filled textiles are a global industry. IDFL offices in Europe, China, and the U.S. provide reliable accurate testing and inspection services worldwide. We serve over 4,000 clients in
over 70 countries.

“IDFL offices in Europe, China, and the U.S provide reliable accurate testing and inspection services worldwide.”

Research Excellence

A commitment to research is part of IDFL’s mission. Many test methods were originally developed by IDFL. We are an independent, neutral institute giving strength to the industry through research, rigorous testing, and effective label compliance programs.

Experienced Consulting

IDFL consults with many countries and associations in developing labeling standards. IDFL works with
the world’s largest retailers to set their quality standards and develop their own internal quality assurance programs.

Responsive Service

RUSH services are important for time-sensitive production. IDFL offers a variety of RUSH services including Same Day Rush for many tests. Our 24-hour client service operation is responsive to the need for fast, accurate information and reports.

Down and feather testing is a unique, difficult challenge because:

  • Down is a natural non-homogeneous product.
  • Material can be blended in unlimited combinations.
  • Fillings are not transparent to the user.
  • Testing is labor intensive and requires experienced staff.

IDFL is the global leader in down and feather testing:

• 12,000 samples per year • 50,000 tests per year • Clients in 70 countries

Since 1978 all types of customers depend on IDFL test reports:

• Consumers • Retailers • Trading companies • Down Processors
• Distributors • Trade Associations • Sewing Manufacturers • Government Regulators

We complete tests in all standards:

• EN (Europe)    • Australia       • IDFB (Int’l)       • Taiwan      • GB (China)
• Canada           • Swiss            • USA                 • Korea        • JIS (Japan)

IDFL also provides the following:

• Factory inspections and audits for bulk down and finished products.
• Collection of samples from factories or retail stores.
• Consulting for product specification and quality assurance programs.
• Ongoing down and feather research.

Each natural and synthetic fill has unique properties and standards. IDFL can help with quality assurance programs for all kinds of synthetic and natural filled products.

IDFL offers a range of testing and inspection services for natural and synthetic fillings.
Both bulk fillings and finished bedding and apparel products can be tested.

• Fill Fiber Analysis – Identify composition of the fill material.
• Net Fill Weight – Verify specified fill weights.
• Fillproof Testing – Test fabric to ensure fill material will not migrate or leak (similar to downproof testing).
• Hypo-Allergenic Claims – Verify synthetic and natural fills meet cleanliness requirements.
• Specialty Tests for :
- Natural fillings such as cotton , wool, silk.
- Various synthetic and blended fillings.
• Random Sample Collection – Collect samples to verify contents.
• Finished Product Inspection – Inspect products according to company specifications and government regulatuions.
• Test Methods – Strict adherence to EN, JIS, GB, ASTM, AATCC, ISO and other international test methods.

Fabric is a crucial part of filled textile products. Some fabrics do not perform well with filled
products. IDFL’s fabric testing experience can ensure your product is superior inside and out.

IDFL has been testing fabrics for over 20 years:

• Over 3,000 fabric samples per year.
• Over 15,000 fabric tests per year.
• Testing according to EN, JIS, BS, GB, ASTM, ISO, AATCC standards.
• Testing of bulk fabric and finished products.
• Collection of samples from factories or retail stores.
• Inspection of finished products.

IDFL conducts the entire range of fabric tests:

• Basic Properties – yarn size, fabric weight, threadcount, etc.
• Down Related Testing – all downproof methods, air permeability, etc.
• Fiber Composition – qualitative and quantitative analysis
• Colorfastness – washing, perspiration, rubbing, weathering, etc.
• Dimensional Stability – after washing or drycleaning
• Strength Testing – tensile, bursting, tearing, abrasion, seam, etc.
• Chemical Testing – metals, pH, APEO, formaldehyde, etc.
• Other Physical and Chemical Tests

Quality bedding and apparel is not an option, but a necessity.
IDFL’s vast experience in finished product evaluation helps clients verify that labeling
standards, government regulations and buyer specifications are followed.

• Product Inspection – Examine finished products for flaws, construction quality, and overall workmanship (Factory on-site or IDFL location).
• Label Verification – Verify label information for accuracy and compliance with buyer specification and country regulations.
• Inspection and Testing Standards – Strict adherence to AQL, EN, JIS, IDFB, GB/FZ, ASTM, AS, AATCC, and other regional and international standards.
• Random Sample Collection – Collect finished products at manufacturer or retail location for inspection and testing.

IDFL is your on-site quality inspection team. We offer a wealth of experience in third-party inspections, sample collections, and supply chain audits to ensure product quality and supplier integrity.

IDFL offers the following services:

• Sample Collection – Random selection of bulk materials or finished products for testing.
• Finished Product Inspection – On-site factory inspection of finished products. IDFL can use AQL standards or buyer
• Sterilization Inspection – Review of factory processes to clean & sterilize natural fills (Verification of USA and Europe
• Supply Chain Audits – Risk assessment for source of materials, handling of natural products and other topics.
• Quality Control Audits – Thorough audit of factory quality control procedures for improvement of manufacturing
• Consulting – Evaluation of buyer specifications, testing protocols, and general quality control procedures.

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