20 January 2020

EOSA Partners Meeting at ISPO

Dear EOCA Trade Partners

We very much look forward to meeting up with some of you at ISPO in Munich shortly. We hope your final preparations are going well!

A few notes from EOCA’s side regarding the show:

1.  Trade Partner Artwork for use at ISPO:
 Please remember that you can use the following artwork to display on your booth to communicate that you are a trade partner of EOCA. We look forward to seeing these proudly displayed around the show ground!:

2. EOCA Plastic Pledge Actions
We are delighted to now have 70 signatories to the EOCA Plastic Pledge - up from 44 at OutDoor by ISPO! Many thanks to everyone who has supported this initiative to reduce single use plastic at trade shows! ( https://www.outdoorconservation.eu/plasticpledge/)

• Please support this initiative by taking your own personal reusable drinks bottles and flasks and food containers to the show and refusing single use plastic items around the show and while traveling for it. Please encourage colleagues to do the same!
• There will be water fountains in halls A1-A5, B3, B4, B5 and C1 where you can top up your bottles with water. Their location is marked on the ISPO hall planner with a blue water droplet. Examples of artwork from ISPO are attached below for you to see. You can also wash your reusable in the kitchens in all of the halls
• You can also get free water to top up at all of the booths being hosted by pledge signees which you can see below.  Hot off the press - MATT GROUP™️, stand number A3.516 also signed up this week!
• For the first time, we are calling on individuals to show their support for the Plastic Pledge. There will be a poster on the EOCA stand at A2.100 where individuals can sign up to say that they are using a reusable at the show and saying no to single use plastic.  The more signatures we can get, the more powerful our message, so please do support us by signing up and encouraging others to do so!  Thank you!

3.  EOCA Conservation Fundraiser
EOCA will again be hosting a Conservation Fundraiser on its stand.  Thank you so much to all our members who have so generously donated to this.

Please do come along to A2.100 if you would like to pick up some gear at half retail price, with your donation funding conservation work around the world via EOCA.  You can see details of all the items in the fundraiser in the pdf below. You will also find details here of fundraising events some members are kindly holding on behalf of EOCA on their stands.

4. EOCA Presentations
EOCA is delighted that it will be presented to a number of audiences during the show:
• Perry Laukens, EOCA President and Sales and Business Development Director for KEEN Footwear EMEA, will present an update from EOCA to the EOG Annual Assembly on Saturday 25th January
• Perry Laukens and Julian Lings (Board Member of EOCA and Sustainability Manager for The North Face EMEA) will present the business case for EOCA at the EOG Industry Breakfast - Tuesday 28th, 7.30-9.30, Seeblick Restaurant, West Entrance - open to all.
• Nikwax Brands That Do More Talk - Monday 27th January 11am-12 noon, CSR Hub, Brands for Good - Representatives from Nikwax, The North Face, Keen, Vaude and EOCA will be calling on companies within the industry to join EOCA  

5.  Meetings with EOCA
We are very happy to arrange 1-1 meetings with any of our members and partners. If you would like to meet with myself and Tanya to discuss how EOCA works, latest news and plans for the future, please do contact us for a meeting time.

We wish you all a successful show

Kind regards


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