07 July 2016

EOCA Friends Newsletter Summer 2016

EOCA Friends Summer Newsletter

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An early morning moment of calm ....

Welcome to summer ....!

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Welcome to July’s Newsletter from EOCA!  With just a week to go until the start of one of the Outdoor Industry’s busiest trade shows, things are bound to be a little frantic – and our preparations are in full swing.  Not only is EOCA celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, but also having raised and given €2 million to conservation in that time!  Please read below for everything that is coming up at the show and - if you are going - join us where you can.  We look forward to catching up with many of you next week! 

Tanya and Catherine

OutDoor 2016

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OutDoor 2016 is going to be a very busy show for EOCA!  Two important milestones have been reached, new members have joined and there are a large number of events planned to mark the successes and continuation of the Association’s good work......

Fundraiser and Fundraising Events

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Help celebrate the milestones though the immensely popular annual fundraiser.  Held on EOCA’s stand in the East Entrance, and thanks to all members who have very generously donated some great gear - we will be raising money for more conservation projects.  This event last year raised a staggering €30,000 – enough to fund an entire extra project!  Please do come along to support! 

In addition to the fundraiser, there will be specific products for sale on members' stands: Klean Kanteen (A5/205) has produced a special edition stainless steel pint (also the official mug for the Friday night party); Stanley – a PMI brand (B1/405) will be selling its 12oz Mountain Switchback Mug and the ever popular KEEN Hybrid.Care footwear sale will take place on its stand (A1/203) from 17.00 on the Friday – be there early to avoid disappointment!   The Scandinavian Outdoor Group (A5/315) will again be raising money for EOCA by asking for donations for its food and drink at the Scandinavian Village bar throughout the show.  And Camelbak has just announced it will be selling custom engraved 2017 thermal Kickbak mugs on their stand!  Limited quantities will be available each day, so don’t miss out!

Timmy Talk

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The inspiriational and entertaining comedian, rock climber and Patagoniaambassador Timmy O’Neill will be giving his inspirational talk ‘Yesiprocity’ on behalf of EOCA as well as helping launch our new conservation projects just before the OutDoor Awards ceremony in the East Entrance on Wednesday 13th July at 17.00

2 Million Trees

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EOCA is keen to do something very significant to mark having raised €2 million for conservation and as such will be launching the 2 Million Tree Initiative at OutDoor on Wednesday morning from 11.30 outside the East Entrance.  Through this project, the Association is launching an ambitious plan to plant or regenerate 2 million trees!

Trees provide so many benefits: conserving species, supporting local communities, reducing the risk of landslides, mitigating climate change and producing oxygen - to name but a few. They also benefit outdoor enthusiasts, who can enjoy a good day out hiking, biking, kayaking or exploring forests, woodlands or mangroves.   We can all play our part – and for the sake of the wild landscapes where we thrive – we MUST all play our part. 

So, by replanting, re-wilding, restoring and regenerating trees, shrubs, bushes and mangroves, there will be the opportunity for everyone to get involved – whether as a member company of EOCA, part of the outdoor industry community or as an individual, helping the Association to achieve its goal to plant 2 million trees.   An enormous celebration – and what a legacy!

More details will follow as the funding applications come in this summer  (see below)……

New Members

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A big welcome to 3 new members since our last newsletter:
Ortovox Sportartikel GmbH
Berg Outdoor

Autumn Funding Round

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The autumn funding round is now open and the deadline for applications is midday (BST) on 1st August.  In order to launch our tree planning initiative, we are looking only for projects which include tree planting / reforestation / rewilding – as well as fulfilling our other usual criteria.

The online application can be found on our website here.

We will also be looking for projects that can be added to in the form of extra funding – from member companies and the general public – to help us reach our goal.  Going forwards, all donations made via the PayPal button on the home page of our website will specifically be put into this tree planting initiative until we have planted our 2 Million!

There will not be a public vote this autumn as all the projects will be chosen by EOCA, its board and panel of scientific advisors.

Spring Funding Round – New Projects

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During March, EOCA held its annual spring public vote.  A shortlist of 13 projects were showcased by National Geographic Germany, The Great Outdoors (UK), Alpin (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and Hike & Trekking, Bike & Trekking, and Sport Partner (Netherlands).  Readers of the magazines, outdoor enthusiasts and supporters of the projects were all invited to vote for their favourite project in three categories and the projects with the most votes in each category are now being funded.  

The public vote reached over 15 million people and recorded 50,000 online votes to choose the first 3 projects for the Association to fund. The vote featured on national radio, TV, in cinemas and was promoted by celebrities and politicians in many different countries, reached 1 in 20 inhabitants of Portugal, and even saw a shark egg case being named after a local celebrity footballer!  One conservation charity found a Facebook post being shared 504 times and another saw its press release about the vote being published by 69 different newspapers and magazines!

The signups to the quarterly “Friends of EOCA’ newsletter gained 4,000 new contacts during the vote which means that over 15,000 people (including you!) now receive regular news about what EOCA, its members and its supported projects are achieving.

In April, a private vote for members only was held, with a further two projects being chosen for funding. In addition to the 5 projects funded by EOCA, members Pomoca and Pacsafe have also each chosen a specific conservation project to fund entirely themselves through EOCA, meaning that 7 projects are being funded so far in 2016.  A further 5 will receive funding following the autumn funding round, for which applications are now being received.

Please find a link to further information about all these new projects here.

Annual Report

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Our Annual Report was published last month.  Please see a link here to the report on our website to find out what EOCA achieved in 2015.

Get Involved...!

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As said above, the autumn funding round is now open, so if you know of any non profit organisations which has projects involving tree planting and would be interested in applying, please point them to our website here

You could also have a think  about whether your company, or you personally could be doing something to help us reach our 2 Million Tree target!!

Site: www.outdoorconservation.eu

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